Saturday, July 10, 2010

Namor: The First Mutant Sketchings

I was reading this wonderful preview from about Marvel launching Namor in a series and got all nostalgic.  Seeing Jae Lee give us an updated version of the character he started his career with years ago.  There was no holds bars.  Joe Quesada's cover is so classic with the early costume.  All good and respect their design which is a little old and a little new, but I wonder what if Namor was a bit more approachable.  Less moody.  So I started sketching...

Kinda sold on a slight mohawk actually.  Even it out with some facial hair and give him some modern swimwear.  It just makes him more approachable.  Started thinking tight black tank with the X logo.  These are just thoughts, maybe I'll come up with a fuller picture in my head later, for now enjoy a page from my sketchbook.  -Brett

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