Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Top Albums for 2009

Albums of 2009

1. Mesh A Perfect Solution

Genre: Synth Pop

The production is top notch, the songs are well written, the flow of each song is flawless. The only complaint would be the gloomy lyrics, but theres been so much feel good music this year that it can be easily balanced out.

2. Pure Reason Revolution Amor Vincit Omnia

Genre: Rock w/ Keyboards

Its very light on the rock so the pop lover could pick this up and start humming along. The songs are very well written and the band gels so well here. It was gunning for my top spot for awhile this year.

3. The Cut Up Boys The Mash Up Mix 2009

Genre: Dance

The combined listens of these 20+ mash-ups easily total to the most listened to this year. A mix of tracks from this year and old school I really believe it deserves high marks and truly makes a great gift! If I have a party, the Cut Up Boys are my music of choice.

4. Von Bondies Love Hate And Then There’s You

Genre: Rock

And this is a more direct form of rock aimed at an alternative music crowd. This album wins lots of points for its full collection of strongly written songs. If your into the first two songs its very likely the rest of the album will satisfy.

5. DevilDriver Pray for Villains

Genre: Metal

I've read so/so reviews of this one and I highly disagree. This album is awesome in a lot of ways. I have prior albums and they managed to re-tread ground on only two songs...or the songs that you think...oh this is DevilDriver. Otherwise the musicianship is wild and creative. Dez, the lead singer, has some lyrical misses here and there and its the only reason why this album didn't crack my top 3.

6. Deadmau5 For Lack of A Better Name

Genre: Dance/Electronic

Excellent mix of songs in pure Deadmau5 form. If your new to the world of Deadmau5, give it a listen and see what its all about. If your familiar, its a new bag of digital candy for your ears.

7. The Prodigy Invaders Must Die

Genre: Dance/Drum n Bass

Their back in great form with a nice mix of dance floor and punk. Classic style and energy. Its an uneven album to me, I skip tracks and love others. Theres a ton of love for some tracks pushing this album into my favorites.

8. Antoine Clamaran Spotlight

Genre: Dance

There is little edge here, but there is so much gloss you have to respect the epic dance production of this album. Its so shiny it plays like a freshly Windex cleaned mirror. Its a feel good album and not even a guilty pleasure because the quality is so high.

9. Rammstein Lieve Ist Fur Alle Da

Genre: Hard Rock

This is a fan entry. I nearly have every Rammstein album and as a fan I would easily point to this one as one of their best. The blue ribbon goes to their song structures. Nothing feels forced, which some of the more recent albums have suffered from. This one flows and strikes just right.

10. Infected Mushroom Legend of the Black Shawarma

Genre: Electronic

Great album, hands down. The long tracks on here are brilliant. Simple twists and turns all around. Their sitting here only because they didn't beat themselves.

Check em' out, maybe they fit for a gift. If you know someone into popular Dance you can't go wrong with the Cut Up Boys otherwise, I'd give Mesh to any Depeche Mode fan and Pure Reason Revolution is an excellent release for the rock fan.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Illustration Friday: Music

Music's Charging Creative Influence

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deviant Art

I've been going through my hard drive and posting art on the DemonPack Page @ Deviant Art Some should be familiar and others may be new. Click on the gallery and its a great format to see everything as a group. Thanks for your continued support and a lot more quality work is on the way.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Product Photo Fun

DemonPack is 100% Powered by Mountain Dew.

We are inspired by only the finest Woot! Monkey

Uhm, who asked the monkey?

Some extra pictures from my Product Photo Shoot of the new Meeting T-shirts in RED and ROYAL. The Woot! monkey decided to join in the fun and express his little opinions.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sander Kleinenberg "This Is Our Night" Demon Pack Animation

I blended inspirations from Modern architecture, Tetris, Space Invaders and colorful lighting systems in Maya to create this animated video. Enjoy!

-Brett Schmidt

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yellow the Cat

While the animation is rendering I'm doing some web design and while sorting through files I find Yellow the Cat!



Friday, November 6, 2009

Demon Pack's Top Electronic Dance Tracks of the Day

I've been animating a club track that is soon to come out so I thought it would be fun to post some fresh tracks to get us all energized.

Far Too Loud - Bass Association

Sub Focus - Let The Story Begin

Vitalic Poison Lips Video

Popof - Brain On The Side

Vaski - Get Down

Z-Listers - What You Waiting for