Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This uber talented young lady is going to bring down the house soon.  Some might say its dark and moody, but I appreciate her alluring characters and rich backgrounds.  Flipping through her work you get transported to a far off place.  Please go take a look through her gallery at deviantart and get lost in her universe. -Brett

Dave Pryor

Looking for brilliant colors, clean lines and high level craftsmanship?  Look no further than Dave Pryor.  I was amazed by his books.  He completed Choke! with the super talented Bob Rissetto. Looking through the books I observed clean and well designed images with stellar color choices, but that was only the initial reaction. Light-hearted ideas and concepts revealed themselves after further investigation. Dave is also involved in animation and translates his style with a lot of success.  Truly wonderful work. -Brett

Team Spectacular

Scott Wright recognized he had a wealth of stories right in his own home.  Raising kids is one of the hardest jobs out there.  I got a lovely taste doing camp counseling back in the day --- taking care of 5-7 young men every week was brutal.  In his comic Team Spectacular Scott has added a superhero twist to the situation with two potential villainous kids.  The parents are going to do everything they can to set the kids on a path to good.  The heart of the stories are taken from real life and he even injects his own life through his Team Spectacular YouTube channel videos.  To top it off, he shows us how the art is created as well.  Scott, heres to your heart felt concept and Super Snoring abilities! -Brett

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cody Vrosh: Gasmask Ready

I really sunk my teeth into Cody's work.  He is taking the Gasmask theme and running with it.  Beyond great illustration and painted pieces he is producing t-shirts and ties.  If I was still working for corporate I would have bought 3 from him.  Instead I picked up his Gasmask Squirrel with Nuclear acorns t-shirt.  So cool.  Please visit his wonderful website here. -Brett

Patrick Morgan

Patrick Morgan is on a mission to make Whale Boy the next big cartoon smash.  I am behind him 100%.  He has the talent and enthusiasm to make it happen.  It was truly cool to watch the animatic this past weekend and really see how a Whale Boy cartoon would roll.  Then they also had fully packaged examples of what toys would look like.  Thats a lot of love and dedication.  Please flip through his blog and consider picking up his book of intense illustration.  There are some really classy contributions of Whale Boy Art by some other art talent in the back of the book.  Best of luck on Whale Boy domination. -Brett

Martin Hsu: Too Good

Thats right, Martin Hsu is running circles around me.  He has some of the best t-shirt designs around and I'm wearing them.  I own the Baboon Tweet, which is described as "Baboon Tweet- if the Gelada Baboons had their way with Twitter, I bet they'd be tweeting about running out of food and resources by now."  How cool is that?  This Baboon is pissed off.  Even more so, please visit his website for some of the most color intense traditional work.  After a brief conversation it sounds like Martin is going to learn Maya and show me how vector animation is done in the future.  Then I'll be out of the job and be begging him for a position at his huge multimedia powerhouse.  -Brett

Monday, July 26, 2010


Emonic is about to release some vicousness in October in the form of Gevaudan.  Here is the image released from the Emonic-scribble Blog.  I was really happy to meet the artist behind of a lot of images I've seen on the net.  Theres something about the work that speaks volumes.  The artist seems to know just how much to push and pull figures to draw our eye in.  I'll let you take it in for yourself and please visit the Emonic website here. -Brett

Paul Wee Artworks

Flipping through Paul Wee's sketchbook I noticed a lot of love for line.  He builds up the figure with these thin, but striking line movements.  His blog mentions he teaches figure classes and if you ever get to meet him you will really wish he is your figure drawing instructor.  Gotta love creative folks from Hawaii.  Check out his wonderful sketches and popular images at Paul Wee Artworks. -Brett

SOLO Art By Wade Schin

Take a peek at Wade Schin's book Solo. Its a breed of sketchbook and refinement. The style is all its own and the layering within excited my eyes at every turn of the page. His color choice makes the figures and creations easy to look at first glance. It took me a few seconds to take in the detail and rare forms on the pages after further observation. He truly makes magic with the markers. Visit the to get a broader glimpse of the artist and his skill set. -Brett

the art of Dave Correia

Now here is a turn for the twisted.  Dave Correia creates this really addictive line work that makes you stare just a little longer.  Why?  Take a closer look at his work, you'll see these small crossing lines and patterns within.  I went to his website and found out he was a part of the Scion XD Little Deviant ad campaign. Looking through his art books (which are available online here )  I adored his renderings of pig heads.  Now that these images of pigs are burned in my brain, I'll have to go jump into my own image of the swine very soon.  Please go visit Dave Correia's work at his website. -Brett

Enrique ART

Enrique Rivera is attacking the comic book industry with his clean and energetic pencil lines.  A key attraction to his work lively characters that wildly bleed energy off the page.  He has a lot of really fun pieces for all to enjoy on his blog and plenty of pro ready work to review on his website.  I've gathered he's ready to churn out even more sequential pages in the future in order to connect with just the right big project in the future.  I have no doubt its on the way.  -Brett

Gonzo Nation: A Whole New Set of Eyes

Feeling a bit stuck on the creative wheel?  Go spend a little time at the Gonzo Nation.  Jorden Oliwa is re-inventing how we see things.  He could blow us away with his highly stylized characters alone, but chooses to challenge our eyes much further.  Layers of visuals from his friends come togethor in his new book The Sins of a Gonzo Nation volume 2.  Then there is a stack of wild animation at the FrankieBachvagio channel on YouTube.  Gonzo Nation has me thinking in new ways already.  -Brett

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AudioFun Factory EP Animated Teaser

The AudioFun Factory EP animated teaser has just been released on YouTube!  I took the three song clips and split them up into sections.  It was a lot of fun to work with text and create a simple visual promotion.  It will be available through Southern Fried Records (Fatboy Slim) in August.

I'm currently in pre-production for two more animations that should go into production through August. Thanks for watching! -Brett

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Max Muscle Heroes

In the spirit of San Diego Comic Con (I fly out to San Diego tomorrow) I thought it would appropriate to share some Max Muscle Hero designs I created to help promote a local store. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Namor: The First Mutant Sketchings

I was reading this wonderful preview from about Marvel launching Namor in a series and got all nostalgic.  Seeing Jae Lee give us an updated version of the character he started his career with years ago.  There was no holds bars.  Joe Quesada's cover is so classic with the early costume.  All good and respect their design which is a little old and a little new, but I wonder what if Namor was a bit more approachable.  Less moody.  So I started sketching...

Kinda sold on a slight mohawk actually.  Even it out with some facial hair and give him some modern swimwear.  It just makes him more approachable.  Started thinking tight black tank with the X logo.  These are just thoughts, maybe I'll come up with a fuller picture in my head later, for now enjoy a page from my sketchbook.  -Brett

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Shirt, Using Vectors in 3D Space.

Remember the section with the black spikes from Celldweller's Birthright (Blue Stahli Remix) Animated Video?

 Alright, now your memory is refreshed, I took 26 frames from that section and rendered them out huge.  Well, big enough to combine into this T-shirt design that is available at RedBubble here.  Hopefully more designs from my animations soon.  By all means if there is something from one of my animations you want to see on a shirt, let me know.  -Brett

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