Monday, July 26, 2010

Gonzo Nation: A Whole New Set of Eyes

Feeling a bit stuck on the creative wheel?  Go spend a little time at the Gonzo Nation.  Jorden Oliwa is re-inventing how we see things.  He could blow us away with his highly stylized characters alone, but chooses to challenge our eyes much further.  Layers of visuals from his friends come togethor in his new book The Sins of a Gonzo Nation volume 2.  Then there is a stack of wild animation at the FrankieBachvagio channel on YouTube.  Gonzo Nation has me thinking in new ways already.  -Brett

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Johnny Gonzo said...

Man, I'm stoked you like the Books and animations. It was great to meet you in SD. Loving the diversity of and your skill set and the demon pack site.