Thursday, May 19, 2011

DJ Marketing and Branding

Gerard Mattera's Logo

Demon Pack just finished creating some branding for New York DJ Gerard Mattera and its time to spread the good monkey beats.   The project started in my sketchbook and I began drawing from his energy and presence. Taking the time to sketch really brought on the idea of giving his first name the monkey tale effect. The "M" was originally going to be very 3D to match Gerard's live dimensional mixing of tracks, but it over powered the monkey. The extra line on the name was the best solution and still mimics how Gerard can match multiple beats on the fly.

Refinement came from looking at existing DJ logos and seeing how Roger Sanchez branded himself across his social channels online.  We loved the way the "S" of his last name detached from the full name logo to create a portable square logo that he often drops into smaller spaces.  It also doesn't hurt that we both think Roger Sanchez is a true leader in the music industry.  So we followed his lead by creating the "M" piece to be used in similar fashion.

It does not stop here.  The new branding appears on all new media and his audience already identifies the current image.  We can also shift gears and Demon Pack Animation can step in and apply these materials to viral animation and live show branding in the future.

Please enjoy some animation using a mix from Gerard Mattera:

Demon Pack Animation Demo Reel from Brett Schmidt on Vimeo.

Play FULL Mix Here:

-Brett Schmidt