Saturday, June 21, 2008

Illustration Friday: hoard

biofuels - a smart creativity

I had no idea how close we were to actually seeing some biofuels used in our vehicles, but perhaps we are only a few years off! Check out this very cool Bug Poo Blog Entry from the 11th Hour Action blog. And then the actual company website LS9.

I am ready to vote for this kind of creative thinking by laying my dollar down for this sort of product when it is available. If you know of more ideas or products that promote a smarter way of producing consumer goods by all means please let me know and I would love to promote and or buy the finest green ideas out there!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Top 3: Tips for Future Art School Students

(A Color and Design project from my first year at art school.)

These are just a few things I wish I truly did before attending Ringling since it is that time of year!

1. Take every non-art course you can at a jr. college before or during summers while attending art school. Take the jr. college catalog to your future art school counselor and let them help you pick. I wish I had done this because it means more time for art during the semesters!

2. Draw from life. Force yourself to just do this before you get there. Be ready when you walk in so your prof can push you to new levels instead of pushing you to ones that probably could have gotten to on your own. Hey and it really would not hurt to actually bring some personal challenging objects to draw with you. I need to do the same. A draw from life sketchbook is in my future as well!

3. Make sure your alarm clock works at all times. I slept through a final and lost out on major grade points. If its the one you have had for years...I took the one I grew up with. Big mistake. Get a new alarm clock.

Thats it, have fun, draw, draw, draw...from life when you can and the best of luck to every grad out there!