Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Acceptance: Shadow at the Edge of Day and Night By Andrew Souza

I was approached by the author Andrew Souza if I could illustrate some of the interior image for his book.  Here is the overview for his new book Acceptance:

While serving, Andrew witnessed many interesting places and things, some of which had to be written down. This particular mystery-thriller takes place in Brommer County, Missouri. Where two lawless riders were responsible for all the mayhem and carnage dealt to the nearby communities; their foul actions were done solely out of spite and greed, but unbeknownst to them, their deeds would eventually catch up with them.
Many years later, four young adults headed to a concert they believed would be the best one yet. On their way to the show, they noticed some things weren’t quite right. The young group initially thought they were lost, but soon found that was not the case at all. Not much later, it was revealed to them the reason behind their misfortune. While signs to turn back were being boldly displayed, their egos were too big to notice.

Now for a glimpse of my contributions to the book:

The book is now available in Hardcover and Softcover from AuthorHouse here.

-Brett Schmidt

Check out the Acceptance Website.

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Andrew said...

very cool, man. I've finished a second story, but i think i'm going to make a book with a few stories in it. Thanks Brett. :)

Andrew Souza