Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bring Back Roxy T-Shirt

Bring Back Roxy T-Shirt tee by DemonPack. Available from MySoti.com.

What is Roxy?

Check out this great documentary from Logo:

What is Roxy to me?

Roxy is where I made life long connections to people and music.  I met my best friend and countless other close friends.  Its where I escaped from the high stress and long hours of the entry level job.  Leaving the stress on the dance floor was probably one of the best options out there.  Moments of people and music will never be forgotten.  Flashbacks appear in my head like pages in a photo album.  This playground still lives in my thoughts and if it ever were to return, I'd be right there.


just a few DJ reminders

Ronnie Ventura
Manny Lehman
Tracy Young
DJ Gomi
Tony Moran
Junior Vasquez
Chris Cox
Chad Jack
Jonathan Peters
Peter Rauhofer

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