Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 Songs, 3 Drawings

Just trying something new. Here are three new songs and 3 pen drawings to go with each. It’s a review and a reaction. Lets begin.

First up is “Saeed” by Infected Mushroom from their album Legend of the Black Shawarma. It starts up in their familiar beat build-up to thumping danceable beat. A little tribal, but what is special about this track is that it morphs into a great rock Faith No More inspired anthem towards the end. The lyrics hold a lot of inner anguish so here is the image I drew from that.

Next is a new track from Limacon called “Electro Meds.” There was a string of remixes available and I chose to purchase the Litex Remix from Beatport since it stripped the song down to its basics. Just the right amount of layering so I could really enjoy the beat. For the reaction, I started getting images of steampunk angels.

To round out a solid 3, I chose Mesh’s first single from their upcoming album, A Perfect Solution. The track “Only Better” has glossy production with a haunting melody. I really enjoy how the layers create an audio twist without losing its pop appeal. The lyrics had me picturing this poor guy that could not explain himself to match the truth inside.