Saturday, March 29, 2008

Illustration Friday: Homage

When one asks to show respect to someone in my life it starts with my parents. The illustration shows their bright energy lifting off togethor into the sky. They bring light to many people with their work. They both worked for NASA (dad still does), but it doesn't stop there. They used to run an appliance business and work as a team to get my dad moving on a service call or delivery. My dad even took it a step further and posted his knowledge online for people to fix it themselves...and they did! My mom uses her spare time to fix the neighbors and friend's tax headaches with her accounting skills. Of course they got my sister and I involved early on to get a little work ethic in our systems. I would work with my parents in a heart beat, they are as fair as you get and giving when it is the most needed.

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TLC said...

This is awesome! Very dynamic and abstract.

(Wow - I hope my kids appreciate me half as much!)