Sunday, August 12, 2007

Goo Demo: Fan Art

Here is some fan art based on my friend Tommy’s game that is in development. His team has created a very cool organic fighter game. It makes me think of having a ketchup and mustard fight and the winner is determined by whomever has the most of their condiment of choice in view at the end of the timed fight. Above I illustrated the nucleus fighters and their respective goo they control. A true game would have the goo much more interlocked and clumped up. So I wish Tommy and his team of developers the best of luck in getting this into people’s hands by the end of the year! His YouTube demo is posted in an entry above.

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Bez said...

Hey! Tommy just linked me here. I'm the designer on Goo. Just wanted to say that I love the piece. It's cool to see the concept reflected off of someone else... all 3D and stuff.

Awesome work man. You made my day!